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Therapeutica Pillows

On Your Back
By properly supporting your upper back, neck and head, the Therapeutica® Sleeping Pillow maintains the natural curvature of your spine while you're sleeping on your back.

On Your Side
By keeping your head, neck and upper back level, the Therapeutica® Sleeping Pillow ensures that you maintain correct spinal alignment while sleeping on your side.


Traditional Pillows

On Your Back
With no firm support, your head is prone to being pushed forward. Your neck is then stretched out of alignment. This creates neck, back and shoulder pains, plus headaches as well as increasing the chances of snoring.

On Your Side
Your neck and head are too easily stretched out of alignment because a traditional pillow is not high enough. Also, your spine is not kept level and this aggravates neck, back and shoulder problems.


Cervical Pillows

On Your Back
By supporting your neck, but not your upper back, cervical pillows put a strain on your spine. This is why your spine becomes misaligned. This increases the chances of back pain, sore shoulders, headaches and snoring.

On Your Side
Your neck and head are stretched from sleeping on a pillow that is too low. Your shoulders are scrunched, your head drops too low and your spine is not kept level. This increases the chances of neck, back and shoulder pains as well as headaches