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       Thanks for taking the time to read this.  First, I think it's important to say that ANYBODY can do this program!  I suffer from a severe bone disease; Ankylosing Spondylitits; and also had a MAJOR addiction to Mt. Dew. I'm not sure when I put all of my weight on…didn't really think about it…but in the first part of April I celebrated my 31st birthday at my mother's house and, of course, that involves pictures. L When I saw the pictures of myself I just sat & cried because this was my first realization of how "fat" I was.  It still bothers me to say that word…"FAT". 

       I'd heard about Dr. Standridge & the Lipoplex injections after seeing a friend & noticing a major difference in her from just 2 weeks before! She told me to call Dr. Standridge & I was able to get in that day.

       I decided to give the program about 1 month, as I was trying to fight my Mt. Dew addiction, drink more water…which I hated…and begin what limited exercise I am physically able to do.  I knew it wouldn't be an overnight transformation as this was an entire lifestyle change!!  

       In the first 2 weeks Dr. Standridge gave me 1 injection per week and I was taking 2 Lipo BC tablets per day.  (still drinking the Mt. Dew).  I "googled" Lipo BC & read many, many forums where people claimed to have started feeling different between 3-5 weeks & drank WATER, WATER, WATER!! (almost impossible for me.)  I had lost maybe 2 lbs., but I wanted to see LESS of me! J

       Since I'm not a big fan of water, I had a bright idea to buy a snow cone machine!! Surprisingly, there is a really great tasting snow cone syrup that's sugar free & calorie free!  Plus, it was filling & the sweet taste helped me not crave for snacks as much.  That was my door into the world of water. J  The more ice I ate, the more I wanted and soon found myself craving water. 

       I still drank Mt. Dew (limited servings) and became very selective of my choice of foods.  After my 3rd week (3rd injection), I noticed a MAJOR difference, almost overnight, that my whole body felt better, my cloths fit more loosely & had so much more ENERGY!!  I weighed myself & noticed that I lost at least 1 lb everyday…sometimes up to 3!!  Along with my bike riding I also do Pilates (a great low-impact workout) 3 times per week.  I am now almost to my 3rd month and I have lost 39 lbs, went down 7 dress sizes and feel GREAT!!

       Thanks Dr. Standridge & Staff!  My life has changed DRAMATICALLY thanks to your wonderful product & continuous support!!


                                  Angela D. J