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February 10, 2010

Dr. Standridge,

          I wanted to take a moment to thank you and give you a testimony aROBERT_JACKSON.JPGbout your care and treatment of my husband.  As I'm sure you remember, he had a very bad car accident in the 1970s that affected his middle back & neck.  And in my opinion he was not adequately taken care of.  This condition became chronic over the years, and as he has aged, it has worsened.

As a Physical Therapist I understand the importance of mobility and the consequences that result from immobility.  I would occasionally treat him, but those treatments were sporadic and made long term success hard to achieve.

I knew he needed to see someone outside of his own house for his care to actually make some real progress and he agreed.  That is where you came in.  He appreciated the time you took to explain what you saw with the imaging tests and what you felt through your own hands concerning his neck & back.

He saw you on a regular basis, which is something we could not achieve before.  I think that was the real key.  Today he reports much less pain & discomfort.  He has more mobility through his neck & back.  He sleeps through the night on his back, which was not happening before due to the stiffness & pain when he attempted to do so.  And, I noticed his back was in better alignment visually.  I also catch him sitting with better posture because I feel he can actually achieve that now on a more frequent basis due to his spine motion improvements.

I wanted you to be able to share this with others if you feel the need to do so, or if you think it would help someone else in their decision to seek Chiropractic care for themselves or a loved one.

I appreciate your passion for what you do & plan to refer you in the future.  Thanks so much for your care & attention.


          Bob & Tanya Jackson