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DSC_0009_1.JPGMy Daughter Abby, has struggled with allergies for years.  We have had her on Claratin-D for over a year with some benefit, but she was still congested and unable to breath through her nose most of the time.  She would sometimes wheeze at night and snore.  Her throat would be sore in the morning because of her mouth breathing at night due to congestion.  After my own treatment at Dr. Standridge's for my back, he introduced me to Allergena Allergy Relief Drops.  I have been using the Mold Mix with great results, so I started both my children on the Allergy Relief Drops for kids.  The reults have been AMAZING.

      Abby will come up to me and say , "Mom, I can breath!", as she breaths deeply through her nose with no sound.  She is resting at night better, no wheezing, snoring or sore throat. 

   I am a nurse at Saint Francis Hospital and myself have been using different allergy medications through the years and I have never found anything OTC or perscription that works even close to the beneficial results of Allergena drops.

                                                                                  Thank you,

                                                              Faith Walker